Montgomery County

Fleet Maintenance & Management Program

For the Montgomery County Program we use a combination of vendors, both local and national, to ensure the client gets the best possible value.

Shenandoah Fleet maintains a diverse fleet of more than 2,400 public safety and administrative vehicles for Montgomery County. This is a fixed price contract for management, administration, preventive maintenance, mechanical repairs, and parts room management.

On this contract we maintain an inventory valued at approximately $200,000 and use the FASTER system to manage the inventory, issue to work orders, and generate reports. 

We provide all parts, tires, and supplies necessary to carry out our maintenance responsibilities. We have national agreements with Advance Auto Parts and operate from local retail outlets. We believe in buying as much as possible locally, and integrate small, minority businesses into our supplier base as well. All parts, regardless of the source, meet or exceed OEM specifications maintaining warranty validity.

Program Performance Standards

  • Public safety fleet availability: > 98%
  • Administrative availability: > 98%
  • Direct labor billing: > 85%
  • Parts supply availability: > 98.5%
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance performance: > 98%
  • New vehicle preparation: 8 public safety vehicles to be completed weekly and 6 administrative vehicles per day