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For Immediate Release:   July 15, 2021             



Warrenton, Virginia – Amidst a global pandemic that threatened many businesses, Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC (Shen-Fleet) thrived. The company sought to acquire a business that would help expand its services and identified Professional Communications, LLC (ProComm) as a potential fit.

“Our mergers and acquisition advisor approached them on a blind inquiry,” explained Vice President Dave Jones, “and found out that the owner, Henry Henderson, was ready to retire and interested in selling.”

Shen-Fleet closed the deal on New Year’s Eve 2020.  

One of the primary services provided by ProComm is upfitting emergency vehicles, meaning that they outfit the vehicles of first responders with wireless and radio tech equipment. Adding these services to their menu of options for clients seemed a natural fit for Shen-Fleet, which services several contracts to maintain the fleet of emergency vehicles for municipalities, government departments, and private institutions.

The acquisition provides Shen-Fleet with a different type of revenue stream. Prior to the acquisition, the company relied on long-term contracts to provide stability, however, there was a risk to this: the end of a contract can mean a significant loss of income until the company can procure a new one. With the addition of ProComm, the business has a mixed revenue stream with more short-term, smaller individual sales, but a much broader business base. This provides some risk mitigation from an overall business standpoint.

Because ProComm is a fully established business (founded in 1976), there’s very little the Shen-Fleet leadership felt necessary to change. ProComm will keep its name and its COO, who runs the division independently but with support from the Shen-Fleet corporate office, at their primary location in Blacksburg, Virginia.

“The biggest changes we are making is to modernize their back-office systems to provide real-time management information,” said Jones. “We also supported the hiring of a salesperson to drive growth and will be looking to expand their geographical reach.”



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