FEMA Distribution Center

Maintenance & Logistics Support Program

This contract requires Shenandoah Fleet to receive, inspect, maintain, and prepare for dispatch 3,000 temporary housing trailers which will need to be deployed at a moment's notice during times of disaster. In order to accomplish this effectively and efficiently, Shenandoah Fleet has developed a process that includes accepting a unit's receiving notice, then assigning the unit to a parking location, performing an incoming inspection, making any necessary repairs, re-inspecting the unit, moving the trailer to its designated parking area and beginning its regular maintenance cycle. Upon receiving a unit's dispatch notification, Shenandoah Fleet will perform a final inspection, make any repairs needed, power wash the unit, perform the check-in routine for the dispatch driver and escort the driver to the unit and out of the facility. 

Program Highlights

  • Accountable property and inventory support services including receiving materials and supplies, ensuring proper storage, maintenance and utilization of property, and transferring and disposing of accountable property
  • Transportation/equipment operations
  • Facilities maintenance utilizing multi-trade craftsperson
  • Materiel handling support services including receiving, unloading, storing, maintaining and verifying commodities, managing excess materials, developing plans and procedures and performing safety inspections
  • All aspects of day-to-day administrative assistance services such as developing procedures to ensure consistent performance, maintaining supply inventories, preparing correspondence and reports, and supporting accounting
  • General labor support services such as movement, storage and maintenance of trailer units, receiving and shipping support, removal of trash and debris, light cleaning, installation of office furniture and distribution of supplies and equipment and performing light construction
  • Metal fabrication support services, including the design and fabrication of specialized items, welding, and related skilled and unskilled support