Allegheny County

Fleet Maintenance & Management Program

The Allegheny County contract is one of our largest to date and we are proud to have made a major difference in the quality and cost of their fleet services. With this contract, Shenandoah Fleet manages and maintains a fleet composed of 780 vehicles and pieces of equipment including sheriff’s vehicles, fire apparatus, public works equipment, snow removal trucks, and general-purpose equipment. We provide all services required in the fixed price portion of this contract including: preventive maintenance, repair and overhaul, major component repair and overhaul, transmission repairs, accident repairs, mobile service, tire service, welding and fabrication, glass replacement, and sheet metal repairs. While our direct customer is the County’s Department of Public Works, we also provide maintenance services for 23 different County departments. This contract began in April 2016 and we were recently awarded our fourth and fifth option years.

 “We value the trust and partnership that we've earned with Allegheny County; they have come to rely on our ability to offer better fleet availability than they'd experienced previously."

--Dana Kirby, Project Manager 

Program Performance Standards

  • Vehicle turnaround time standard of <24hrs for at least 80% of vehicles
  • Maintaining fleet availability of 95% at all times
  • PM services completed when scheduled 100% of the time
  • Five or fewer vehicles per month requiring re-work