Custom Programs

Tailored-to-Fit Fleet Maintenance & Management Programs

Shenandoah Fleet understands that each contract, location, fleet, and customer is unique. At Shenandoah Fleet, we take the time to understand what drives success for your organization and tailor our established program to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. From service intervals to on-site parts; from routine maintenance to challenging repairs, we ensure your fleet is running optimally and economically.

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Custom Fit Software

Utilizing the latest in technology and resources available in our industry, Shenandoah Fleet is able to provide vehicle fleet management through a comprehensive fleet maintenance management program. We have invested more than $300,000 into this program, which has significantly increased our capabilities and efficiency.

The Shenandoah Fleet maintenance management system is web-based. This secure accessibility allows for sharing information directly with clients. We capture and record, at a minimum, the following work order-related information.

Customizable Software Features

  • Unique Work Order Number
  • Maintenance type code (schedule, nonscheduled, road call , or PM)
  • Work description
  • Department/cost center identifier
  • Costs categorized at targeted or non-targeted costs
  • Outside vendor identification code
  • Technician name
  • Touch screen-enabled for ease of use
  • Valid unit ID and license number
  • Opened and closed data/time
  • Labor hours breakdown
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards
  • Odometer (or hour) reading
  • Work cause code (normal wear, PM, abuse, etc.)
  • Part(s) number(s), quantity, and cost
  • 200+ “Out-of-the-Box” reports with customizable setups

Our Software Screen Sample


Part Inventory

Parts Screen

Reports Interface

Unit Screen

Work Order

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