Fleet Management Program at Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC.

Our Customers Benefit from:

Improved reliability and efficiency by applying advanced maintenance technology

Customized maintenance management programs and services designed to meet the specific needs of each of our customers

Lower operating and maintenance costs

Maximum Asset protection leading to extended vehicle and equipment life

Higher vehicle availability, leading to a more productive workforce

A customer service focus that embraces partnering with our customers

Increased vehicle safety due to certified and highly skilled technicians

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Shenandoah Fleetís Maintenance & Management Program

As part of our approach to providing superior fleet maintenance and management services, we utilize a comprehensive fleet maintenance and management automated system which has been tailored to our company and is further customized to fit the needs of each of our clients. This specialized program brings significantly increased capability and allows us to offer each client the following features:

The Shenandoah Fleet maintenance management system is a web-based system accessible on the Internet, utilizing Internet Explorer. This secured accessibility allows for sharing information directly with clients. This system manages all activities via automated work orders. We capture and record, at a minimum, the following work order-related information: