Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC.

Our Customers Benefit from:

Improved reliability and efficiency by applying advanced maintenance technology

Customized maintenance management programs and services designed to meet the specific needs of each of our customers

Lower operating and maintenance costs

Maximum Asset protection leading to extended vehicle and equipment life

Higher vehicle availability, leading to a more productive workforce

A customer service focus that embraces partnering with our customers

Increased vehicle safety due to certified and highly skilled technicians

Member Associations

Shenandoah Fleet’s Montgomery County Operation Earns ASE Blue Seal Status



Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC’s Montgomery County, Maryland project has earned the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition as prescribed by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of vehicle repair and service by means of voluntary testing and certification for automotive repair and service professionals.


To be eligible for this recognition, a company must have 75% of its automotive professionals ASE certified, with at least one certified technician in each area of service offered. To remain in the program, a business must renew each year and confirm their professionals' certification status.


Under a contract with Montgomery County, Shenandoah Fleet maintains more than 2,400 vehicles for the County, of which, approximately 1,800 of these units are public safety vehicles. Operating out of the County’s Seven Locks Maintenance Facility, we provide preventive maintenance, repairs, coordinate accident repairs, provide vehicle washing services, and administer a motor pool.


In addition, Shenandoah Fleet provides comprehensive vehicle preparation services for both emergency and administrative vehicles. This includes installation of special equipment such as decals, computerized fuel system components, mobile data systems, surveillance/video systems, computer and radio equipment, sirens, light bars, headlight wig-wags, rifle/shotgun racks, laptops, consoles, other emergency lighting, and push bars. When directed, we are required to complete eight emergency vehicle preparations per week.


Shenandoah Fleet Awarded County Government Fleet Management Contract



Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC, a verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business headquartered in Warrenton, VA was awarded a contract to operate, maintain and manage a vast fleet of vehicles and equipment for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and the Allegheny County Housing Authority whose executive offices are in the City of Pittsburgh. The contract was awarded in the spring of 2016 and is a multi-year contract with options for renewal. The contract is valued at about $2 million per year.


The Allegheny County fleet is comprised of more than 750 sheriff’s vehicles, snow removal vehicles, public works equipment, fixed generators and general use equipment. For this large fleet of specialized vehicles and equipment, Shenandoah Fleet primarily schedules and performs preventive maintenance services, state-mandated safety an emissions inspection, repairs and overhauls, transmission work, mobile service, tire service, welding fabrication, glass replacement and sheet metal repairs.


The company works out of the Allegheny County Fleet Maintenance Facility and provides management, technicians, and support personnel. Shenandoah Fleet also provides all the parts and material associated with the maintenance and repair services. Additionally, we also provide the County with a unique fleet maintenance management system that tracks all work on the contract, assists in the scheduling of preventive maintenance actions, provides comprehensive parts management, and allows the tracking and reporting of performance metrics.


This is the company’s third state and local government contract; and is a significant growth step for the Company to further enhances our strategy to expand our business in state, county and municipal sectors. We also provide fleet maintenance for Virginia State University and fleet management services for Effingham County, GA.


“The Allegheny County Fleet contract is a huge step towards expanding our business into the state, county and municipal sectors. We look forward to working with the County to continuously improve their Fleet maintenance operation.” says Bill Jones, President of Shenandoah Fleet.


Shenandoah Fleet Delivers First Refurbished Humvee’s to Department of State



Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC is proud to announce the contracted delivery of two refurbished and repaired M1114 HMMWVs (HumVees) to the Department of State (DoS).


In February of this year Shenandoah Fleet was awarded a contract in support of a major U.S. Department of State (DoS) international counter-drug program. This contract requires Shenandoah Fleet, in concert with our sub-contractor VSE Corporation, to inspect, estimate costs and then fully repair and refurbish multiple HMMWVs to Fully Mission Capable (FMC) status. FMC is generally defined as a condition “where fully operational equipment or systems are safe and correctly configured as designated by the U.S. Army”, indicating the equipment can perform all of its combat missions.


For this DoS program, currently operating in more than sixty countries worldwide, we adhere to the guidelines set forth by the U.S. military. Shenandoah Fleet is restoring these vehicles to a high standard, requiring all systems to fully function, all items of equipment to be fully serviceable, all components to be maintained in as close to “as new” condition as possible.


After successful acceptance of this first delivery we are continuing our repair and refurbishment work on Four additional M1116 HMMWVs for delivery in support of this program. They are due for delivery by the end of July, 2016


Shenandoah Fleet is proud to be selected to fulfill this critical government contract requirement and of the quality work we have done and continue to do. We are a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) with extensive experience and past performance in providing comprehensive and innovative Fleet Management Services, customized to meet federal government, commercial and municipal requirements.


Shenandoah Fleet Awarded Wounded Warrior Transport Contract



In December 2014 Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC, an Old Town Warrenton-based company, was awarded a multi-year contract with the Brook Army Medical Center’s Warrior in Transition Battalion Transportation Section. The primary role of the company, with respect to this particular contract, is to safely transport approximately 300 Wounded Warriors to and from various activities, appointments and errands.


“We are honored to have been selected over other Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses,” said Bill Jones, a Service-Disabled Veteran of the U. S. Army and President of Shenandoah Fleet.


“We provide 24/7 driver support for all scheduled and unscheduled transportation needs for the Wounded Warriors at this location,” explained Dave Jones, “which includes medical appointments, shopping, dining, and other errands.”


Although the number fluctuates, Shenandoah Fleet takes care of the transportation needs of the Wounded Warriors using a fleet of about 20 vehicles, which includes ADA-compliant shuttle buses, full-length buses and passenger vans.


“As is a standard value within our company, we take measures to ensure quality control in this contract, especially as it includes transporting human beings,” said Dave


The company does this is through the use of quality assurance surveys, ample training for their drivers and other team members and ensuring all drivers have valid licenses and appropriate driving records. Some of the training provided includes the Smile! customer service training program and Our Safety and Driver’s Training Program (a product of Travelers Insurance).


Additionally, they meet weekly to discuss project details, challenges, solutions and future service opportunities, constantly communicating with the Army and medical facility; seeking ways in which to improve the services they provide to the Wounded Warriors as well as to identify possible additional services that may be needed.



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