Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC.

Our Customers Benefit from:

Improved reliability and efficiency by applying advanced maintenance technology

Customized maintenance management programs and services designed to meet the specific needs of each of our customers

Lower operating and maintenance costs

Maximum Asset protection leading to extended vehicle and equipment life

Higher vehicle availability, leading to a more productive workforce

A customer service focus that embraces partnering with our customers

Increased vehicle safety due to certified and highly skilled technicians

Member Associations

Warehouse & Material Management

Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC currently maintains approximately 4,000 fleet vehicles and pieces of equipment across the United States. The company has highly qualified, experienced, certified managers and technicians who lead outstanding teams of professionals at each contract location.

Within the scope of warehouse and materiel management we provide the following services:

Our warehouse distribution services on this contract include preparing, maintaining and storing Initial Response Resources (IRR) push package requirements. Shenandoah Fleet is responsible for ensuring packages are loaded and ready for deployment as required. All commodities needed to support the IRR packages are located within the warehouse. Among the commodities we are responsible for warehousing are 3.8 million liters of water, 22,000 cots, 500,000 blankets, 9,000 tarps, 135,000 rolls of sheeting, 5,800 bed and bath kits and 14.6 million units of various pandemic supplies.

FEMA Cumberland, MD

Operation support services are currently being utilized by the Brooke Army Medical Centerís Warrior in Transition Battalion Transportation Section. We provide 24/7 driver support for all scheduled and unscheduled transportation needs for the 300 Wounded Warriors at this location which includes medical appointments, errands, shopping, dining and recreation. Although the number fluctuates we take care of the transportation needs of approximately 300 Wounded Warriors using about 20 vehicles which include ADA-compliant shuttle buses, full-length buses and passenger vans.

Blue Grass Army Depot

As part of our vehicle and equipment maintenance contract, we maintain an inventory of auto parts, valued at more than $70,000, and related supplies to meet the maintenance turn-around requirements of this contract. We are responsible for purchasing and stocking these items as well as issuing work orders, accounting and billing. We use the materiel module of our fleet maintenance management system to provide purchasing and inventory management support.