Bill and Dave Jones of Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC.

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

About Owners

Shenandoah Fleet was started by brothers, Bill and Dave Jones, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in fleet management and related service contracting. Their expertise, as presented below, is a significant reason why we are able to provide outstanding and responsive service to our clients.

Bill Jones -- Professional Related Experience

Bill's experience and expertise reflect more than 35 years of fleet management experience, including the US Army Transportation Corps, Pepsi-Cola Bottling, North American Van Lines, and Bandag, Inc.

As an Officer in the U.S. Army, Bill oversaw operations and maintenance of both tactical and nontactical equipment at battalion and company levels. His experience includes commanding a medium truck company with 90 highway tractors and trailers supporting European operations.

As Area Fleet Manager for Pepsi-Cola, Bill managed maintenance operations at seven locations throughout Texas. In this role, he oversaw maintenance of a 500-vehicle beverage fleet comprising straight trucks, single-axel tractors with beverage trailers, and long haul transport tractors and semi trailers; maintenance of 120 forklifts, 75 pickup trucks, and other MHE equipment; fuel operations at all locations; and computer input, report generation, budget preparation, and management.

Bill was also Director of Offsite Maintenance for North American Van Lines where he managed maintenance operations in five states. His key responsibility was to ensure scheduled maintenance on North American's 3,000 tractors and 12,000 trailers at any place they were in operation. In addition, Bill managed emergency vehicle recovery and fueling operations.

Dave Jones -- Professional Related Experience

Dave Jones' career spans more than 30 years in business development and operations support in Government services contracting. His focus has been proposal and pricing development followed by successful contract transition of many contracts, either exclusively for, or including, vehicle maintenance services.

He has worked for Del-Jen, Inc., Burns and Roe Services Corporation, First Support Services, Inc. (initially Baker Support Services), Johnson Controls World Services Inc., United Airlines Services Corporation, and Boeing Services International.

While at Baker Support Services (now First Support Services), Dave created a business unit to focus on vehicle maintenance services for the Federal Government, city and county governments, and commercial clients. He was directly responsible for the following contracts:

Los Angeles County
Sheriff's Department
Johnson Controls, Inc. 3,200 Vehicles
Robins Air Force Base Baker Support Services 1,200 Vehicles plus ground support,
equipment maintenance,
including extensive vehicle
Air Force Base
Baker Support Services 400 vehicles, including
extensive vehicle operations
County, GA
Baker Support Services 2,500 vehicles
City of Moultrie, GA Baker Support Services 385 vehicles
Weld County, CO Baker Support Services 485 vehicles
City of Little Rock, AR Water
and Wastewater Authorities
Baker Support Services 3426 vehicles
Naval Support Activity, Diego Garcia Base Operations Baker Support Services 900 vehicles and 1,000 pieces of
GSE, including extensive vehicle
operations and scheduled bus service
Qwest Communications,
Minneapolis, MN Area Fleet
Baker Support Services 1800 vehicles
Qwest Communications, Fort
Collins, CO Area Fleet
Baker Support Services 246 units