Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC.

Allegheny County, PA

Blue Grass Army Depot

FEMA’s Cumberland, MD

FEMA’s Selma, AL

Laughlin Air Force Base

NASA Goddard

Virginia State University

Warrior Transition Battalion

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

FEMA, Selma, AL

FEMAShenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC began providing services at the FEMA Distribution Center in Cumberland, Maryland on July 1, 2011. On this contract with FEMA, which also includes the FEMA Distribution Center in Selma, Alabama, Shenandoah Fleet performs supply management, maintenance, and logistics-related services in support of FEMA Logistics’ Temporary Housing Unit Program.

At the FEMA site in Selma, Shenandoah Fleet is responsible for receiving, inspecting, maintaining and preparing for dispatch 3000 temporary housing trailers which will need to be deployed at a moment’s notice during times of emergency and disaster. In order to accomplish this effectively and efficiently, Shenandoah Fleet has developed a process that includes accepting a unit’s receiving notice, then assigning the unit to a parking location, performing an incoming inspection, making any necessary repairs, re-inspecting the unit, moving the trailer to its designated parking area and beginning its regular maintenance cycle. Upon receiving a unit’s dispatch notification, Shenandoah Fleet will perform a final inspection, make any and all essential repairs, power wash the unit, perform the check-in routine for the dispatch driver, and escort the driver to the unit and out of the facility.

The scope of work for this contract, which employs more than 30 people, also includes: