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Blue Grass Army Depot, Richmond, KY

Blue Grass Army Depot, Richmond, KYShenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC began servicing the prime fleet maintenance contract at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, Kentucky on October 1, 2011. Shenandoah Fleet initiated the work site transition within 24 hours of being awarded this vast contract and was completely phased in in less than three weeks. Our mission, at this contract location, is to provide superior maintenance and repair services to the Depot. These services include preventive maintenance, battery maintenance and exchange, load test and inspection, repair and overhaul, modifications, spot painting, welding, glass and upholstery service for vehicles and equipment located at the Depot.

The fleet we maintain here consists of approximately 510 vehicles and pieces of equipment; from fire apparatus to locomotives and more than 230 units of materiel handling equipment to 40 mobile generators used in the Depotís prime objective of receiving, storing, and distributing a large array of ammunition. The Depot is comprised of roughly 14,000 acres, 150 miles of road, and more than 1,000 work locations. The Shenandoah Fleet team at this site must be ready and available to provide services at a momentís notice to each of the Depotís work locations.

Although all of the services specified above are well within our capabilities, one of them is unique to this specific contract: battery maintenance and exchange. Roughly 230 electric forklifts are part of the Blue Grass Army Depot fleet; each of which is battery operated. Additionally, the Depot houses several hundred ammunition storage bunkers, none of which contains electricity. Charging the forklifts, therefore, cannot be done on-site. In order to ensure proper operations, Shenandoah Fleet has assigned one full-time operator to be responsible for exchanging forklift batteries by operating a company-owned crane to lift the 4,000-pound dead battery out of the forklift and replacing it with a fully-charged battery. The flat battery is then hauled back to the maintenance facility for charging. All calls for replacement batteries are met within 30 minutes.