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Allegheny County, PA

In the spring of 2016, Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC was awarded their largest multi-year contract, at the time, by Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Under this vast contract, the company will be performing a number of services to maintain the fleets and service facilities of Allegheny County as well as for the county’s Housing Authority.

The fleet of Allegheny County and their Housing Authority consists of a combined 750 vehicles, ranging from emergency vehicles and motorcycles to trailers and snow removal equipment. In order to meet the demands of this immense contract, we will be responsible for the following tasks:

One of the things that makes this contract unique is the county’s request to take ownership of the fleet management system Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC utilizes to carry out the scope of work. As part of our approach to providing superior fleet maintenance and management services, we utilize a comprehensive fleet maintenance and management automated system which has been tailored to our company and is further customized to fit the needs of each of our clients. In this case we were able to obtain separate licensing to meet our client’s request.

We are proud to say that we were able to win this contract from Allegheny County over a 15-year incumbent and that immediately following its award Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC began assisting Allegheny County and the Housing Authority in meeting their goals of reducing fleet downtime and cost while increasing reliability and assuring protection of the County’s overall investment in its fleet.

“The Allegheny County fleet contract is a huge step towards expanding our business into the state, county and municipal sectors,” said Bill Jones, President of Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management, LLC. “We look forward to working with the County to continuously improve their fleet maintenance operation.”